About Us

With its long years of experience in aroma production and development, DKT offers its customers healthy, high-quality and reliable solutions that are “focused on discovering the unique tastes of the future from nature”, in line with the developing market needs and the trends created by the rapidly changing world.

Aiming to change the definition of taste as the most prestigious aroma producer of our country and the rising brand of the food industry with a vision based on common sense and scientific research, DKT invites its customers, involves them in the production processes, and contributes to the establishment of the livable world of the future.

The laboratories of DKT, which we have built around the principles of scientificness and sustainability, the defining values of the new millennium, are equipped with state-of-the-art analytical equipment complying with international standards. Likewise, our scientists and expert staff working with the enthusiasm of the research spirit exhibit an operation that is in harmony with each other and does not compromise on perfectionism. In the R&D processes that we aim to carry out with an interactive approach, we are not only limited to internal dynamics but also evaluate your demands and innovative thoughts. In the journey of producing “accurate” solutions that take into account the needs of the sector and market analysis, we use every source available at every stage from molecule selection to product formulation.

Taking care to provide services with its automatic machines that can produce with various technologies in a short time in the production line and its personnel who fully comply with hygiene conditions, DKT always stands by its customers with its technical support even after the orders are delivered, regardless of whether it is related to a recipe or not, in line with brand awareness and responsibility.

Our company, which adopts an extremely rigorous scheme of things in raw material supply, only works with brands that comply with international standards and have proven themselves around the world. Creating an enormous supply network from America to England, France, Holland, Indonesia and even Brazil for an uninterrupted organization, DKT guarantees that the production is performed in the shortest time and in the freshest way.

We do not only add extraordinary gourmet tastes to regular snacks but enrich the global tastes with our formulas while also adapting them to local or special concepts. Furthermore, we open laboratory studies of our formulas, which do not contain any unhealthy elements such as GMO and are all developed in accordance with KOSHER standards and halal certificate, to the participation and examination of our customers according to concept demands, within the framework of our scientific transparency approach.

DKT, which carries out projects in coordination with TÜBİTAK (The Scientific & Technological Research Council of Turkey) and similar scientific authorities in our country, creates a remarkable difference and awareness in the sector by bringing together its team of experts including chemists, food engineers and scientists, who constantly follow technological developments and updates, with the domestic capital.

Who are We?

Hayalinizdeki çeşniyi en doğru şekilde tasarlayıp prototip olarak sunuyoruz.

Our Principles

Hayalinizdeki çeşniyi en doğru şekilde tasarlayıp prototip olarak sunuyoruz.