Balanced Fat Rate

The idea of natural nutrition and healthy life that dominated the entire world in recent years has started to be rapidly adopted also in our country, albeit a little late. We are well aware that natural nutrition is not a popular way of living and that it should take a large place in our lives as a permanent solution for a healthy life. In all social responsibility projects that our brand is and will be a part of, we have supported and will continue to support efforts to raise awareness on this issue. We are one of the most vulnerable countries in the world that fights against obesity. A very wide group of people, including every age group from children to the elderly, are struggling against overweight caused by their bad eating habits. It has been proven that mental and emotional health is also negatively affected, daily routines are disturbed and there is a serious decrease in the quality of life, in cases when physical health is not good. As DKT, we do our part in this regard with scientific methods and we prepare products that will provide added value to society and our customers. We guarantee that there is no loss of taste in the additives we have designed with the right proportions to overcome the prejudices of the public regarding taste. Our healthy snacks and aromas that we prepared towards the improvement of content, more varieties and wider usage areas will enable you to offer the right solutions to your customers. 

While fat is one of the most important biological needs when used correctly, it has an effect that endangers human health when used incorrectly. Our R&D studies at the molecular level provide important arguments for us to produce components that are fat-reduced while retaining their naturalness, with successful configurations. Our scientific committee regularly monitors global markets and evaluates developments in just the same way as it performs important analyzes that will be beneficial to human health with authoritarian organizations.