We Add Value to Your Value

DKT, who takes producing healthy and high-quality additives that will suit the taste of those who see the preparation and presentation of food as art on as a duty, also strives to guarantee the best possible result to its customers and add value to their value, thanks to the dominance it has gained in the field of local tastes with the help of its high-tech equipment, scientific-based studies and global researches.

With our recipes selected from different categories of different cuisines by our experts who meticulously evaluate and examine the results of end consumer, brand and market research studies, we promise you an inspirational journey from street food to gourmet tastes. Thanks to our team that combines the constantly changing parameters such as consumer demands, manufacturer pursuits, lifestyles, social structures, geographical features, current trends with the most accurate formulas with the aim of cracking the top in palatal delight, we offer solutions supported by sensory tests with the most suitable design models that best suit your preferences. With DKT’s natural additives that improve the appearance of the food, revitalize its color, enhance its texture, and make its smell unique, you will get an original and unique taste experience.

Our laboratory equipped with the most modern equipment and systems in line with our approach to developing common solutions is always at the service of our customers. Thanks to our taste partnership, you can produce the sharp aroma you desire for meat, dairy, pastry, snack or vegetable products depending on the group you are working on, and you can acquire the different tones of taste you are looking for.

With the awareness that each product we produce in accordance with the principle of sustainability is a seed spread for future generations, the clean, nutritious and natural products that we call “Green Label” are packaged in a hygienic environment untouched by human hands and supplied completely under environmental policies from beginning to end. As DKT, we believe that we create added value also to the economy while realizing our production with the raw materials we obtain directly from the heart of the soil. We have the compliance of our product portfolio with the quality standards tested, by the authorities in Turkey and abroad, and we present all our reports to those who want to work with independent laboratories, for review. Additionally, we also carry out scale-up studies on pilot-scale prototypes and provide all kinds of logistics information and technical support regarding the facility, equipment, team, technology, shipping and storage conditions that you may need for mass production.