Our Principles

DKT has reached 60 years of experience and know-how in its entrepreneurship journey, which it started with the principles of scientific perfectionism and collective consciousness. While building our success around the axis of not harming humans, animals or any other living creatures in nature, on the other hand, we have always carried out new and different projects by combining the inspiration we take from nature with scientific and technological opportunities. With an understanding of business ethics based on customer satisfaction, we have both cared about the reputation of our brand and the goals of our business and solution partners. Above all, while professionally managing the digital transformation processes demanded by the new millennium, we never forgot that our reason for existence is “Healthy Food Production” and we have only been involved in projects that serve this purpose.


Leaving a livable world to future generations is in parallel with the conscious use and consumption of existing natural resources. In this context, the principle of sustainability is not a choice for us, but a basic duty and liability. From the very beginning, we have set the boundaries of our goals as protecting the ecological and social balance while increasing economic values. The secret of our success as a brand lies in our consistent effort to ensure that the solutions we produce are permanent and continuous. We can list the basic principles we have adopted with our solution partners as follows:

  • Unconditional respect for human rights.
  • Healthy, safe, high-quality production.
  • Compliance with international social norms.
  • Promoting different cultural concepts, tastes and values.
  • Compliance with BLUE Planet 2020 goals.
  • Fair trade, absolute customer satisfaction.
  • Contributing to eco-efficiency for the sake of protecting our planet.
  • Less energy and water consumption.
  • Prevention of environmental damage caused by transportation.
  • Full support to sustainable agriculture.

Commitment to Nature

Nature is the richest resource and most surprising supplier of our business. As DKT, we use this unique heritage with consciousness and carefully preserve it, pack raw materials with new generation methods and innovative ideas so that they do not lose their nutritional value, and take great care at every stage of the logistic network to ensure that the product reaches the end consumer safely. With the awareness of leaving a livable world to our grandchildren as a corporate duty and obligation rather than a dream, we wholeheartedly embrace all kinds of suggestions and projects that can contribute to this collective goal.