Salt and Balance

Salt, which is a combination of sodium and chloride, is among the indispensable substances for the human body and found in certain amounts in many vegetables and fruits. However, as a result of the addition of salt in the foodstuffs in both the processing and packaging processes and the cooking stages or re-addition of salt by the consumer at the table, the salt contained in foods exceeds the maximum daily need of the human body, which is 5 grams max. Noting that “unbalanced and disproportionate” salt consumption is becoming an increasingly serious threat to human health, World Health Organization (WHO) has put in order some legal regulations regarding this issue with the aim of reducing the amount of salt in foodstuffs.

Salt is used in production processes not only for seasoned content but also to protect the structure of the food. Revising its recipes according to current legislation and changing dietary habits, DKT also supports efforts to reduce salt consumption with its balanced formulas. In our R&D department, which works with superior modulation technologies, formulas with taste and balance that do not require salt addition and do not adversely affect consumer health are developed. Our seasoning, snack and aroma products that suppress and balance the desire for salt with a delicious taste, keeps microbiological actions under control while preserving its shelf life. Try our brand’s healthy recipes with unique aromas and introduce your consumers to the new tastes of the new millennium.