A New Sense of Taste: Taste Modulation

Continuously updating its 60 years of expertise in the food industry with scientific and technological developments, DKT continues to create unique taste combinations for you with its experience in taste modulation and 100% natural methods. Our sustainability-oriented projects in line with the meticulous research of our R&D department and scientific committee, are carried out in our laboratories, one of the most advanced facilities in Europe.

As DKT, we take both our customers and the end consumers on a journey to the uncharted lands of snack foods with our solution-oriented aromas and tastes with reduced salt/sugar ratio or increased aroma.

Aromas that Imprint Taste onto Your Mind

Taste modulation is the process of formulating food products in a healthier way without causing a reduction in taste. Among the main goals of this process, which prolongs the taste of the food on the palate, are to create a feeling of fatness, salinity or sweetness despite low-fat content. Aiming to produce the most original and functional taste combinations in line with the demands and needs of food-producing customers, DKT specializes in different texture and taste applications on various foods. Adding a creamy feel to almond milk can be listed among such taste modulation variants. With the taste enhancement/changing processes, the taste of the food is not only settled on your palate but also imprinted onto your mind.

Innovative Tastes with High-Level Analytical Devices

We carry out our taste modulation practices in DKT laboratories, which are scientifically and technologically pioneers of the industry, with advanced analytical devices. Thanks to our committee consisting of respected scientists who closely follow technological developments, we can quickly adapt our laboratory environment and devices to all current developments. In this way, we can offer our customers immediate, product-oriented or revolutionary solutions for their recipes. Furthermore, we rigorously focus on shelf life analysis and prepare non-synthetic colorants and natural sweeteners.

Thanks to the advanced production technologies of DKT, you can now design tastes that will be committed to people’s memories and ensure that unique tastes are produced for your brand.