Sugar and Balance

Sugar is added to many salty or sweet foods we consume with the purpose of increasing performance. It is now an obvious scientific fact that sugary products, which have an irresistible appeal, cause extremely serious health problems if they are not consumed in a balanced way. The data regarding the obesity and diabetes rates in the world reaching unprecedented levels in every age group, from newborns to middle-aged and elderly people, is unfortunately reinforced with each new study being conducted. As is known, additional sugar sources or their combinations, which are rapidly metabolized in a very short time, cause fattening in the liver, veins, other organs and blood in the long term. In this respect, it is essential that the sugar content in foods are balanced for a healthy life.

Carrying out its operations with an awareness based on the concept of “balance” in every sense, DKT adopts the principle of producing satisfactory solutions as per the desires and expectations of consumers in the field of sweet foods, with its natural additives designed according to “human-first” ethics, that are healthy, anti-overeating, and satisfying. In this context, thanks to the formulas we have developed using natural sweeteners and pure components, we produce foods that do not compromise on taste, and we aim to contribute to the struggle against unavoidable health problems of the era. We produce natural additives that are most suitable for storage-cooking methods while prioritizing what is healthy. We do not neglect to provide depth of taste with our permanent aromas that mask the sensation of metallic taste present in sweeteners.