MSG Extraction / Substitution

MSG (Monosodium Glutamate = Sodium Salt + Glutamic Acid), familiar to food industry professionals, naturally exists in some foods as it is an important building block of proteins. The glutamate amino acid discovered in the taste studies of foods such as cheese, tomatoes, milk, meat, fish and mushrooms is also used as an additive to create umami tastes. As with every substance, it is not right to use MSG in very high amounts. The nutritionists of DKT have determined the right MSG amount to be used, from which foods Chinese Salt should be completely removed or in which foods it can be safely used with the research they conducted at the molecular level.

In our products that we create with 100% pure and natural ingredients, we put forward umami, which is considered the fifth basic taste in the nutritional trends of the new millennium, as the complimentary link of the chain of taste. With the awareness that there are people who may give allergic reactions to glutamate, we develop alternative formulations for allergen conditions in which MSG should not be used at all, according to consumer preferences, and we produce healthy additives that offer more intense tastes. We share with our customers the detailed reports of our formulations developed with natural fermentation techniques under conditions approved by international authorities and we prepare prototypes for approval testing of independent organizations.

Consult our experts now for the production of your prepared recipes and become a part of DKT‘s eye-opening achievements in the food industry.