Natural Production for Your Health

Closely following all ecological, social and economic phenomena that are either far or close to its field of activity and not limiting its horizon only to production, DKT considers nature not a tool to be used for profit-related interests but a long-term solution partner and the richest raw material supplier. 

DKT‘s vision of naturalness is never an understanding that focuses solely on the end product. We take pride in being the first brand among local producers to bring “green production” into being, with our awareness of respect for the ecosystem and our understanding of sustainability from seed to packaging. As DKT, we pay utmost attention to “vital” details such as the implementation of the green agricultural policy in the production of raw materials, avoiding chemical agricultural substances that harm the soil and living things during the cultivation process, naturalness during the harvesting and supply phase, management of energy consumption in shipment, and avoiding air pollution. We carefully monitor and examine the product at every stage from soil to the moment it reaches the production line. We do not allow any situation contrary to ethical codes. 

Fat Reduction

Natural nutrition and healthy life philosophy started to be adopted also in our country, albeit a little late.


Products specific to consumers who have to stick to a special dietary plan.

Sugar Reduction

Balancing the sugar content in foods is essential for a healthy life.

MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) Extraction / Substitution

Consult our experts now for the production of your prepared recipes.

Salt Reduction

Try healthy recipes with our brand’s unique aromas.