Career Opportunities at DKT

We offer a working environment that supports the professional development of trainees or recent graduates who want to make a powerful start in their career. In our company, you gain experience in many areas from interviews to assessment practices, from general skill tests to personality identifications while stepping into the business world. By taking part in actual projects that are ready to be implemented, you adapt to the in-house process and spend the orientation process efficiently by gaining experience in your active duty. Working with experts at the academic level and participating in continuing education programs contributes to your technical development and allows you to establish dominance over workflows. You also find opportunities for personal development in subjects such as presentation techniques, project management, international projects, communication skills, self-acquaintance that you will always need in your professional life. 

We continue to grow with our investments in our laboratory equipped with high-standard technology, our R&D department, which we developed together with the scientific committee, our strength in international logistics and high-quality human resources who believe in their dreams. You can apply for jobs for all departments from information technologies to marketing, from product development to sales management, from finance to transportation, and you can plan your career with us under the coaching of our experts. The wide range of training opportunities we offer to professionals who want to be a part of our brand creates a great opportunity for you to work in a perfect atmosphere that you will enjoy as you climb the career ladder. While working in a tolerant environment and in peace with our qualified staff who are experts in their own fields, you can socialize and expand your professional environment through in-house and external activities that will support your professional development.