‘Pure Extract Natural Extraction’

The process of extracting the aroma in the structure of an organic substance or the part that has its active substance is called extraction. Working with all its strength in line with the goal of contributing to the development of the green industry, our team designs the healthiest products for you by obtaining the purest extracts using the most natural extraction techniques. As DKT, we regard the plants and fruits, which are the lifeblood of the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, as the most precious gifts that nature has bestowed on us, and we do our best to protect this unique gift by preserving the pure nature of plants and fruits in the extraction process. 

DKT, which produces the ingredients it uses as raw materials itself in line with the motto “Naturalness is in Our Essence”, offers purer and traceable products to its customers, thanks to the improvements it provides in process technology. Extractions carried out by the joint efforts of our R&D department and our scientific committee, and the competence of our aroma experts in adding local tastes to the product during the preparation of its recipe, form the basis of our scientific and technological investments. With the brand “DKT Infutech” that we have brought into being in the context of these scientific investments, we separate the extracts of products such as sumac, coriander, ginger, cumin, anise, rosemary and thyme, which are widely used in Anatolia’s portfolio of tastes, with great precision. We preserve the unique colors, nutritional values and functionality of the plants and enrich the foods they are added to with naturally pure ingredients.

With our high-quality extracts that are 100% pure, free of solvent residues and completely environmental-friendly, you can enrich the content of the products you put on the market, mask the aromas and emphasize the taste and odor of the foods. Thanks to our extraction techniques, global expertise and market dominance that make us unique in the food industry, you will both offer more varieties and unexplored tastes to the end consumer and also find brand new opportunities at home and abroad. As DKT, we are always with you with our pure taste solutions that will change your perception of taste radically.