One of the most important features of our company, placing it in a privileged position in the sector, is the scientific committee that functions as a “professional academic board”. As DKT, we carry out joint studies with TÜBİTAK (The Scientific & Technological Research Council of Turkey) and other scientific institutions, closely follow global trends and developments with the high-level and up-to-date experts of our R&D department, and we also receive professional support from the two company scientists, a professor and an associate professor.

In accordance with the guidelines of our scientific committee, we always shape all our production processes, from selecting new raw materials to developing processing methods for existing raw materials, under the most natural, hygienic and efficient conditions. Again in the same scientific framework, we overcome the contamination process, which is shortened as a result of the removal of the chemicals required to keep the content fresh, with natural raw materials, natural processing and natural packaging strategies.

Taking its strength from the legacy of modern universal intelligence and science, DKT works on deep chemical-organoleptic analysis and highly reliable sensory tests, while continuing to rake through the global market for the provision of the most up-to-date equipment that provides new imaging techniques and to grow every day through its investments in new generation technology.

DKT sees you as part of the family, not as a customer, and evaluates your effort to grow your business within the scope of its own corporate responsibility…